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Hotel Meliá Salinas

Foto: Juampe Cedres Gonzalez



I am Sonsoles Masiá, architect and artist, enchanted by landscape and astronomy.

I am portraying Lanzarote through an artist residency at the Hotel Meliá Salinas. Selecting ten locations to observe, sketch and explore the landscape prevailing colours. The locations were selected based on beauty and colour, some of the scenarios hide the most forgotten secret of the island, the existence of ancient astronomical observatories.

My connexion with the Island is full of coincidences. First, through the island of Fuerteventura, where, by chance, I completed my architecture Master Thesis. An astronomical observatory, based on the interpretation of traditional observatories, where the topography manifests the movement of the universe.

After my project, I became obsessed with astronomy and investigated how the movement of celestial bodies and light can influence our mood as human beings and my productivity as an artist. Then I started making abstract painting marathons during astronomical events like solstices and equinoxes.

I am a skeptical person, aware of the scientific method and, as an architect, I am interested in knowing the functionality of things. But, on the other hand, I have a sensitive aspect, my legacy from the fine arts degree. I know that there is something beyond that connects us with the universe and I am certain that there are places endowed with greater sensitivity and energy for observation.

Something that many people, and myself, did not know is that Lanzarote is hiding a special and unique secret. Several of its volcanoes contain astroarchaeological sites, revealed by researcher Agustín Demetrio Pallarés Lasso. Pre-Hispanic astronomical and geographical sanctuaries where the observation techniques used, were equivalent to the ones I imitated in my project, on the neighboring island, thousands of years later.

On the other hand, my obsesion with landscape and color started on my traviels, on my attempts to listen to what the scene claims. Due to the frenetic pace that globalized tourism offers, we generally do not stop to observe, we take the photo and continue to the next visual stimulus.

It was precisely for this reason that I began to sit on the terraces and sketch what I saw and realized that this exercise took me into a kind of trance, to a place where memories were revealed in my subconscious. The sensations, conversations, smells, and company crowded into my mind. Thanks to this observation and mindfulness exercise, those memories came back to me after observing the finished piece. After many travel sketchbooks, I began to combine this practice with my abstract atelier work, making not only figurative but colored notes to later carry them out in the workshop, in abstract pieces on a larger scale.

Location 3: Montañas de Fuego


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Portraits of Lanzarote


Sonsoles Masiá Sánchez, (1991) based in Delft, is a Spanish artist and architect.

Having a double degree in Architecture and fine arts gave her a special sensivity and extra tools to develop her art. Her interest in astronomy and observatories, studied during her architecture master thesis, made her develop an especial interest in the movement of celestial bodies and their influence on the human spirit.

During her bachelor, and without a fixed perception of it, she started painting and naming her pieces after astronomical events as equinox, solstices or meteor showers. After her thesis, she got conscious of this behavior and began to produce pieces during special dates and astronomical events.

Then, she began to perceive the universe around us and portrait it on her paintings.

Atelier work


Who would have thought that the island of Lanzarote could offer me yet another coincidence and that it would become the connecting link for my observational work, my artistic connection with the universe and my interest in astronomical sanctuaries.

During my artistic residency on the island of Lanzarote, I will visit various locations, places of interest selected for their color and beauty, without forgetting, of course, the precious astronomical sanctuaries.

There, I will aspire to observe the intangible and make figurative and abstract notes and then carry them out in ten larger-scale pieces in the pop up atelier of the Hotel Meliá Salinas, a Fernando Higueras´s architecture gem, and in front of the attentive gaze and inspiration from Cesar Manrique´s botanical garden.