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Photo: @kellercreatives


- 30 Sep / 1 Nov (2019): Cafe LaBru, Rotterdam

- 4 Nov / Mid Dec (2019): Haley's Comet, The Hage

- End January / April (2020): de Groene Passage, Rotterdam



Sonsoles Masiá Sánchez, (1991) based in Delft, is a Spanish artist and architect.

Having a double degree in Architecture and fine arts gave her a special sensivity and extra tools to develop her art. Her interest in astronomy and observatories, studied during her architecture master thesis, made her develop an especial interest in the movement of celestial bodies and their influence on the human spirit.

During her bachelor, and without a fixed perception of it, she started painting and naming her pieces after astronomical events as equinox, solstices or meteor showers. After her thesis, she got conscious of this behavior and began to produce pieces during special dates and astronomical events.

Then, she began to perceive the universe around us and portrait it on her paintings.